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The 9-11 was pretty sad but thank god that some people survived in the twin towers but i’ll pray for those who died during the 9-11.what i’ve learned about the 9-11 is that it was a pretty sad day but i have learned that a lot happened on that day like 2 airplanes crashed into the twin towers,there was a pentagon somewhere,and a tree that survived since the 9-11 happened.There was a lot of things that happened on that day.there’s something cool that happened on that day like they rebuilt twin towers but there’s but there’s just one.there was a lot of cool stuff that happened after that day,but during that day the 9-11 was not cool.There is a museum close by where the twin towers were and it looks cool.The 9-11 was a bad and sad day but luckily that day is over.

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