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MY life in fifth grade is pretty easy but I don’t like math,social studies,or science in my fifth grade classes.MY science class is really easy it is fun but it’s boring at same time because we don’t get to do any science experiments just paperwork we don’t get to do any hands on activities like making slime,oobleck,or make little science crafts or something. MY reading class is pretty awesome but it’s a little but i still like it because the teacher is really really nice and we get to play math games and reading games and she is really funny.AND the part you have been waiting for MATH CLASS is the best class because it’s 5th period the last period of the day you get to leave after and go home,  but most important math class is the calm class with a nice turtle named mykey with water running water, some nice good smelling air it smells so good i could eat it but even know math class is kinda hard I can still do fun stuff like play prodigy or xtramath.BUT the best part of the day enhancements I have healthy bodies,gym every tuesdays and wensdays,and computer lab all three of those are the greatest enhancements in the world.THIS is the second best thing in the world it is RECESS second best part of the day recess is the best part of the day because if you have a friend or friends that is not in your class recess is best part of the day.BUT anyways even know some of your 5th grade classes are hard they are still fun.

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